Monday, May 19, 2008

Tesla: A Man Ahead Of His Time

See the man reading under a huge electrical discharge from a Tesla coil ~ That man is it's inventor his name was Nikola Tesla. (yes, they named a band after him)

One of the greatest geniuses this world has ever known and yet most people have never heard of him.

Basically you can thank this man for every thing in your house that has an electric motor in it, from the Furnace to the mixer, your hairdryer etc...

You see he developed all the inner workings of all of the AC motors that we use today and so much more.... fluorescent lights, spark plugs, long distance radio, remote control etc etc etc.

You know Marconi as the inventor of the radio right? Only because In 1904, the US Patent Office reversed its decision and awarded Guglielmo Marconi the patent for radio, Tesla had it first. In 1945 this error was corrected offically, but Marconi still gets credit today even though he based his work on Tesla's.

He was actually working on but never finished building (ran out of money) a method of transmitting electricity without wires... This along with sooo many others secrets died with him.

You've heard of Westinghouse right? George Westinghouse bought all of Tesla's patents (and never really paid him, Long story)

Tesla designed and managed the construction of the worlds first large scale AC generators, these were installed at Niagara Falls and are still in use to this day....

There was a big disagreement between Tesla and Edison (you know, the light bulb guy) Edison was promoting DC (direct current) and Tesla was promoting AC (alternating current) not to get too technical but basically AC can go a lot further. Tesla won, IE all the things in your house run on AC current. Tesla worked for Edison until Edison refused to pay him. (Another Long Story)

Now, Tesla was so far beyond his contemporaries and even by today's standards Tesla could get electricity to do things that the scientists still scratch their heads about.

So the next time you turn on a light, or use a household appliance like your blender or mixer or fan or drill, pick up the phone, remember the genius who died at the age 86 flat broke who made it all possible.

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Erin D. said...

In my opinion (which is right of course, lol) Tesla was the most important and smartest inventor of the modern times, more than any of them!

Hey did I ever tell you I saw Tesla in concert? ~The band, not the man, LOL! ;O)